Director's Cult

by Adios Nine

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Enter the cult and exit immediately.


released April 21, 2014

Guntur Indra: Bass, Vocals, Harmonica

Muhammad Pandu: Vocals, Guitars

Risky Syah: Drums, Vocals

Yan Sabri: Guitars, Gambus

Additional vocals on track 2 and 3 by Dinda Indriani



all rights reserved


Adios Nine Jakarta, Indonesia

Enter the cult and exit immediately.

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Track Name: Director's Cut
It's the last
get it.

I used to think that life was only colorful, after 1986.
And before that everything was still in black and white, just like the film in the old days.

It's the last
Get it.

I know my blood is black and white.
Although that people say that blood is always red.
But life is made of ups and downs.
That's why i love you, ooh the only one.

It's the last
Get it.

That's a wrap.
Track Name: Dead People's Clothes
Going to the monday market, take bus 44 and you'll be there in no time.

Bring your blue fifty thousand, get yourself a coat from some bloke from Birmingham.

You are wearing
We are wearing

Dead people's clothes

Nevermind the crowd, it's always noisy.
All i know at 6 i can still get 3 for 10.
This is heaven although i've never been to heaven. Their banter and shouting is like music to my ears.

Everyone goes home smiling.
This is the place, this is the culture.

Dead people's clothes.
Track Name: Some Mods
Some mods, don't ride a vespa.
Some mods don't wear a parka.
Some mods, don't speak english.
Some mods, don't know what a mod is.
Track Name: Golden Sombrero
Me and Pedro eat some taco, as we"re trying to cross the border.
Longing for the truth to set us free.
Pedro was from Mexico, I was from Indonesia.
We became friends in Andalusia.
When he said to me "I have a secret map to a treasure that could save this world".
We have to find it, then give it to the savior.
I asked him, what are we trying to find exactly?
He said something golden, amigo.

Ooo, to find the golden sombrero.

When we got there there was a lot of distractions.
Wars, t.v, disasters, tsunami, people were crying.
Sex, drugs, alcohol, senoritas, who dances trough the night that got us trough to Asia.

Amidst all the pretty people I saw their words are taking over the taking control of the world.

We don't know what to believe sometimes, when everything is inside our very own hearts.

But still, trough the still pictures we try to find the golden sombrero.

Ooo, to find the golden sombrero.

It's becoming very hopeless, as Pedro fails to teach me spanish.
So i learn some fake spanish instead, from listening to the likes of Jose, Colo, and Jonas Gutierrez.

To get to the sacred cave of Hira'.
Just about when we're about to quit, the skies of the cold night shines bright, it triggers a light.
It opened up our minds as it points to a certain direction.
Then we ran as fast as we can and there we see a glimpse of the golden sombrero.

Ooo, to find the golden sombrero.

Golden sombrero.