Sleepers And Dreamers

by Adios Nine

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The songs in Sleepers And Dreamers are singing about sleeping in dreams, dreaming about sleeping, and the stories that revolves around it.

From the moment you wake up, the way you mourn, the blessings of mournings, to the desire to travel with someone you love. It's about the dreams that moves us and the sleep that helps us, it's about the things we do to stay alive.

We can't live forever, but we believe the balance of both sleeping and dreaming can lead each and everyone of us to a better life.

So here's to a better life and happiness.

Dream on, sleep well.

Cheers to all the Sleepers And Dreamers out there.


released December 21, 2011

Guntur Indra - Bass, Harmonica, Backing Vocals.
Muhammad Pandu - Vocals, Guitars
Risky Syah - Drums, Bedug, Glockenspiel
Yan Sabri - Guitars

Dinda Indriani - Backing Vocals on Good Mourning, We Can't Live Forever and Sleepers And Dreamers.

All songs written by Adios Nine
All lyrics written by Muhammad Pandu

Photography by Vika Rahma

Recorded at Marra Home Studio and at Ruang Musik (Rumus)

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(P) 2011 Marra Records



all rights reserved


Adios Nine Jakarta, Indonesia

Enter the cult and exit immediately.

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Track Name: Good Mourning
If not now and it will come, sooner or later.
When I call your name, or when you call mine
And one of us can't reply, no matter how hard we try.
It's constantly on my mind.

Will we still be able to talk, when one of us is gone.
And I'm still listening.

Don't make it hard
Saying goodbye is already hard as it is
I just hope, that we're given the time to share every part of our lives.

And then we smile, and then we say

Good Mourning.
Track Name: Anywhere With You
We are different yet so much in common
You can come and you can go
I'll always think of you, you want to go places
But I would love to go Anywhere With You

It's true you're not quite like anyone I know
And you may not believe me
Sometimes I'd like to hold your mind here in my hand
So i could know where you want to go, without talking

Is it cold in London? Is it raining?
If you missed me you can come up north.
Although it's raining hard here in Newcastle
You know I love the rain but I'd love to go
Anywhere With You

I would love to go Anywhere With You
Track Name: We Can't Live Forever
If the sun, irritates your skin
Kissed your veins and ruined your plans
Will you still be here?
Or are we not bound to see the end
As if it were the end, of time.

It's going on forever, it's just a dream

Oh the love we have seen
And the places we've been
It's just not the same
When I'm not with you

If the wind, blows off your head away
Kissed your eyes and ruined the skies
Would you still be here?
Or are we not bound to see the end
As if we can't travel, through time.

We can't live forever, it's just a dream
Track Name: Sleepers And Dreamers
I sleep at 5, wake up at 7
Go to work at 8, I sleep at 9 there
Wake up at 1, lunch until 2.30

I'm thirsty so i drink at 3
And then i work only until 4
At 5 I'm free, I'm free

Shooting sunsets, spending time with you
To see trough the night, I'm not going to say
That we are meant for each other
But we are both artist
We like to create, and that's what we'll do
Everyday, every night.
You're the one that I want to be
Everyday, every night with.

oooh Sleepers And Dreamers